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No Archery Monday 19th March

There is no Archery on in the Hall Monday 19th March due to St.Patricks Holiday.

Stafford & Portsmouth Tom McKenna Memorial Shoot Saturday 2nd March 2019

NISC/EBAC Stafford and Portsmouth today. EBAC out in force. Very enjoyable shoot as always. Well done to all who shot. Oscar, Robert, David, Lesley and Seamus. Well done to Dave for his win and trophy claim. Well done to Oscar and his plaque win and to Seamus for his second place for his Portsmouth score.

Muckamore Vegas shoot

Again, EBAC out in force today for Muckamore Ken McClean Memorial Vegas shoot. Really good fun as always and always nice to catch up. 3rd for Stephanie McCleery, with a 1st for Rosanne Berryman and a Gold for our junior Oscar Carlisle and gold for David Wright. Well done to all and thank you again Muckamore for holding the shoot.

NI Indoor National Championships @ Lough Cuan Bowmen

Sorry for not posting for a while, but our wee club took part in the NI National Indoor Championships hosted by Lough Cuan Bowmen at Movilla High School. We managed to claim 4 out of 8 medals with David Wright coming 1st for the Master Men Recurve, with Stephanie McCleery claiming 1st for Master Women Recurve, after a 1 arrow shoot off with our own Roseanne Berryman, who claimed second. Finally Seamus Fitzpatrick managed to claim 2nd in the Senior Men Recurve after almost getting knocked out in the first round of head to heads. Audio congratulations to Colin Carlisle breathing his own PB for a WA18. keep an eye out for our next update with our need shoot, the jointly run Christmas Jumper Shoot between ourselves and NICS Archery Club.

Portsmouth @ MCOA

Well another fun shoot held by Muckamore Company of Archers. With Seamus coming 1st and William coming 2nd. And a big congratulations to Colin, Oscar and Robert for competing.

Double American - LoughCuan Bowmen

Another fun competition, this time held by Lough Cuan Bowmen at Newtownards Rugby Club. 19 archers entered and it was a fun day. Or own Les Mccutcheon and Seamus Fitzpatrick competed, Seamus coming 1st with 1315, with Les coming second with a score 1248. Thank you Lough Cuan for holding this shoot.

Ralph Best Memorial Shoot

Well another successful shoot from our wee club. David Wright winning the overall Ralph Best cup. Seamus and Rosanne winning their respective categories. The best part of today was this was the first competition for some of our members, David Somerville, Colin Carlisle, Erin Jackson and our Junior Oscar Carlisle. Here is to many more competitions throughout the summer.

Beginning of the Outdoor Season

Seamus Fitzpatrick
Hi all EBAC Members, As of the Wednesday 9th May, we begin our outdoor season and this year we are pairing up with Northern Ireland Civil Service Sports Association Archery Club. We are joining them at their outdoor venue, Stormont Estates located on the Upper Newtownards Road towards the Ulster Hospital. Our club shoot nights are now Monday and Wednesday nights, 6:30pm until 8:30pm roughly. Hope to see you all there.

Archery Score Pad - Self-Recording Score Keeper

Seamus Fitzpatrick
Hello Fellow EBAC Archers, After researching best methods to recording club scores, I found Archery Score Pad. A free online score recording system, which is free to register, use and record your scores. If you go to the Calendar page, there is a link to the page where you can register yourself. Once you are registered, if you go to Groups, you will find East Belfast Archery Club, click the name and you can add yourself to that group. This means that we will all be grouped together and gives us the chance to review how we are all doing, both personally and against each other. This is voluntary, you do not have to do it but I just think that it would be a nice handy thing to have so that there is a record of your score somewhere to help you develop as an archer.

New content

Hello fellow archers, I have added an extra page too this little site, a club links page. I have listed clubs around Ireland and Northern Ireland. You will find their club logo, their address and links to the Facebook pages, websites and a direction button that, if your using your mobile, once you press/click will open Google maps and direct you directly to their club.

Archery NI Senior & Indoor Open Championships

Seamus Fitzpatrick
After probably one of the coldest venues anyone of us has shot for a competition, it went very sucessful for our little club. Patrick Huston getting top of the leaderboard after qualifications while Rosanne getting 6th in recurve women and Seamus and Leslie, for a change of target and distance coming in at 16th/17th. Head to heads was in the afternoon, Seamus and Leslie passing the 1st rounds, but just missing out on the 2nd. Rosanne competed well but was knocked out after the 1st round. Patrick Huston went in to win all of his head to heads. Thank you City of Belfast for holding the competition and allowing us to shoot. Roll on the next competition.

World Archery TV video feed

Hi all, If you would like a quick place to see archery through the World Archery TV feed, then look no further. Under the Gallery link in the navigation, click the World Archery TV link and all videos are here and is updated when they update them. Keep checking back for more videos.

Portsmouth Shoot At Muckamore

On Saturday 9th October several members of our club took part in a Portsmouth shoot organised by Muckamore Company Of Archers. Everyone taking part had a great day and we had a few winners. David Wright took gold in the men’s recurve, William Moorhead took bronze in the men’s unclassified recurve and Angeline Matier took gold in the ladies unclassified recurve. Both William and Angeline scored personal bests. William scoring 545 and Angeline scoring 504. Well done to everyone who took part.

Patrick is our Olympian

http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/archery/36400807 Copy and paste this link into your address bar to see the interview with the BBC that Patrick did. East Belfast Archery Club, which Patrick founded are very proud and happy to be supporting him as he has secured his place in Rio Olympics.

World Cup Archery

Hi all, as the Indoor World Championships are currently ongoing, I have update the Gallery page with the next 4 matches that are going to be shown in the next 3 days. So sit back and watch.

For Up to Date Club Info

Hi all, hope you all like the new redesign. Also, for instant up to date info on the club check out the Facebook page and the feed on the home page. Keep checking back here for more details on how our little club is going.

Portsmouth shoot at Muckamore

On Saturday the fourth of October, 7 members of ebac took part in a portsmouth shoot at muckamore archery club and we had several winners. David Wright won gold in the gents recurve with a personal best of 575. Mark Berryman won gold in his recurve class. Mark also won the trophy for highest scoring newcomer. Conor Dalton won gold in the boys recurve under 12 and the trophy for best newcomers score. Charlotte McCleery also won gold in the girls under 12 junior recurve category. Well done to all our winners today- the club is very proud!

Welcome to your new website

Seamus Fitzpatrick
Hi, and welcome to your new website. Our central hub of contact and information on shoots, competitions, important contract information and much much more. If you have any questions or issues phase do not hesitate to drop us a line or message and we will get back to you.